Has The Focus Of The DC Universe Shifted


There has been no secret that the DC Extended Universe has had its ups and downs. Now with its biggest team up to date Justice League approaching it’s release in theaters in November and the constant rumors swirling around Ben Affleck.and his involvement many have come to wonder what direction is the DCEU headed.

The BEST way to break it down and explain it would be to have you go check out this very informative and in depth article at Vulture.com by Abraham Riesman

Check out the VULTURE article HERE 


Black Panther Action Scenes May Parallel Another Amazing Action Film


It’s no secret that the MCU’S most anticipated film leading into the giant team up Avengers:Infinity War is possibly the Ryan Coogler helmed Black Panther set to hit theaters in February.

The footage that was seen at this year’s San Diego Comic Con was both a treat and a tease. A treat being It was the first footage screened to both the fans and cast. It was a tease because all we could do was hear about it as the footage has not released worldwide and all we have are recalls and depictions. Well here’s more of a tease in post from ScreenRant.com that talks how many of the action sequences could parallel the amazing Kingsman films.

Via ScreenRant.com

The Congressional Black Caucus were recently shown exclusive footage from next year’s Black Panther, and it looks to be even more action-packed than previously imagined. While Marvel fans and general audiences all have the film they’re most looking forward to in the next few years, a large portion of the Internet has been goings nuts for Black Panther.

With its predominately black cast, setting in Africa, and mix of real-world culture and sci-fi tech, Black Panther looks like nothing we’ve seen before. Add in the prestige actors and exciting first trailer, and it’s no wonder most moviegoers are looking forward to February. In the coming months, marketing for the movie will start gearing up in earnest, meaning more images, plot details, and likely another trailer. Until then, however, the latest footage descriptions for the film offer fans plenty to pour over.

The Root was on hand during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference where a special presentation on Black Panther was included. Thanks to Florida Congresswoman Val Demmings hosting the event, she was able to use her Disney contacts to curate the panel “Imagining a Bigger World—Marvel’s Black Panther, Cultural Heritage and STEM,” which tied in footage from Black Panther with a push for bringing more black youth into the world of science and technology. For audiences, it was also a chance to see exclusive scenes from Black Panther and get a taste of the kinetic fight scenes.

MBaku aka Man Ape in Black Panther Trailer Black Panther Action Scenes Draw Comparison To Kingsman

All told, four scenes were shown. Three seem to be similar to the ones shown at Comic-Con, with T’Challa and the Dora Milaje heading to a casino before Klaue arrives with his goons. A fight breaks out, and T’Challa activates his nano-suit. From there, the action heads to the streets where a car chase leads to the scene that ends the trailer, with the Panther flipping over a car that’s just slammed into a spear in the road.

Next, the action cuts to T’Challa and Killmonger squaring off in the sacred waters (also seen in the trailer) before both call up their nano suits. Though we’ve previously heard Killmonger’s suit described as gold (and seen a version of it in a toy for the film), here it’s said to be red.

Following that battle, the Caucus were shown a new scene where M’Baku challenges T’Challa in the same spot. His size advantage is noticeable, and he also dons a white gorilla mask. While we know M’Baku won’t be called Man-Ape in the film, it looks as if his comic book costume will still be homaged.

As far as how all of those fight scenes look, it seems they’ll draw from Ryan Coogler’s past experience while mirroring the work of Matthew Vaughn in some ways.

“The action is kinetic, like a mixture of Coogler’s fight scenes from Creed and the manic bullet ballets from Kingsman movies.”

Considering how much praise Coogler received for the action sequences in Creed and how the fights in both Kingsman movies are some of the most consistently appreciated moments, the comparison bodes well for Black Panther. Marvel has always had a strong voice when it comes to fight scenes, and it looks as if Black Panther may be joining films like The Winter Soldier as some of the studio’s best yet


The Trusty Sidekick – Episode 68


It’s another wild episode as comedians Jay Washington and Bobby Hill cover all the latest news and reviews of all the live-action coming out of the Marvel and DC universes, on the Laugh Factory Podcast Network!

This week we cover: Punisher, Daredevil, The Defenders, Avengers, New Mutants, Inhumans, Agents Of Shield, Captain Marvel, Runaways, Power Pack, Stan Lee, Justice League, Flashpoint, Wonder Woman 2, Man Of Steel 2, Nightwing, Shazam, Young Joker, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow, Flash, and Titans

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No Powers, No Magic, Just Murdering: The Full Punisher Trailer!


We’ve had small clip after small clip, but today the full official Punisher trailer hit the internet, and we have it for you! We knew this one was going to be violent and it looks like they’ve gone all out to give Frank Castle a modern, gritty look that’s consistent with the current Marvel-Netflix universe. Look forward to our breakdown of this on our next episode, coming out this weekend!

Oh So Jessica Chastain is NOT playing Lilandra in Dark Phoenix


Well isn’t that quite the swerve. Many were looking at the one potential glimmer of hope after hearing that X-men:Dark Phoenix would not be an intergalactic adventure X-men:Dark Phoenix would not be an intergalactic adventure as one would hope. That glimmer being that Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain would be portraying Lilandra, the head of the Sh’iar Empire.

Well according to ScreenRant that seems like it’s not the case.

Via screenrant

After months of speculation, Jessica Chastain says she won’t be playing Shi’ar leader Lilandra in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. For fans of the X-Men, the chance to see the infamous Dark Phoenix story realized on screen has been a double-edged sword. Once already, aspects of the plot have been brought to life, but X-Men: The Last Stand wasn’t quite what fans had hoped for. Next year, the reboot of the franchise will try their hand at the plot when X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives, but there’s no telling how true to form it will be either.

A few months back, word broke that Lilandra and the Shi’ar Empire would be coming to the X-Menuniverse in Dark Phoenix. For fans of the comics, this signaled at least an attempt to adapt the full breadth of the source material. Even more exciting, Jessica Chastain looked to be playing Lilandra as the actress finally came aboard a superhero property. Since then, however, word has emerged that the new film won’t be too focused on the intergalactic. Now, it looks as if Lilandra herself might not even be involved.

Jessica Chastain took to her Instagram to kick off her first day of filming for X-Men: Dark Phoenix with a long and complete recap of the Double Rainbow video. The fun quickly ended, though, when she confirmed in the comments she would not be playing Lilandra. The comment has since been deleted, but it read: “Hey folks, want a scoop? Im not playing Lilandra…..” The deletion of the comment could paint the whole thing as trolling, but the actor could have simply been advised to remove the information.

Jessica Chastain and X Men villain Lilandra Jessica Chastain Isnt Lilandra In X Men Dark Phoenix

If Chastain isn’t playing Lilandra, it certainly raises a number of questions. One is whether Lilandra and the Shi’ar will even factor into the movie. There’s also the question of who Chastain will play. Early word of her involvement pegged her as a villain, so there’s no shortage of characters from the comics. Recent word of a casting for young Jean Grey could even hint Chastain will play an older version of the character, now that the timelines are different. Perhaps the Phoenix Force will even transform Sophie Turner into Chastain, similar to how Billy Batson becomes Shazam.

It’s also possible that Chastain will play a more humanoid rendition of the Phoenix Force itself. Often, ethereal forces from the comics are rendered as more humanlike in films and TV, so it’s easy to see the actor doing voice work or even motion capture to bring the entity to life as it descends on Earth.

With Deadpool 2 and New Mutants reported to have wrapped, all eyes will be on Dark Phoenix‘s production when it comes to next year’s slate of X-Men films. As such, it shouldn’t be too much longer until we know more about the movie, its villains, and Chastain’s role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Patty Jenkins will direct Wonder Woman 2


After an amazing showing at the box office and still continuing to make money, it has officially been confirmed that Patty Jenkins will direct the sequel to the immensely successful Wonder Woman.

The story was broken by Variety today and states the film which the script is being written with Geoff Johns, (who oversees the DC film universe) is set to arrive in theaters December 13, 2019.

Gal Gadot is also set to return as the titular  Heroine who is Princess Diana of Themyscira with an alter ego of Diana Prince. After a captivating debut in Batman V. Superman and then a phenomenal solo film debut, Gadot is set to lasso in audiences again in the upcoming Justice League movie due out this November.


Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Brings Back Nick Blood!

Last seen making a tearful exit from the team in season 3, Nick Blood and his character, Lance Hunter, will be back for season 5 of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Originally joining the show as Mockingbird’s (Adrianne Palicki) ex-husband, the mercenary became a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a show favorite. At the time of his and Palicki’s exit, they were supposed to star in a spin-off called Most Wanted, however ABC never greenlit the property.

Palicki won’t be returning, as she is currently working on the new Seth McFarlane sci-fi satire, The Orville, so Lance Hunter will be coming back alone, which should surely require some explanation. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns later this year and now I’m even more ready for it to come back!

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