DC Tabs Ava Duverney To Direct New Gods

Image result for ava duvernay

Now this is what I call making a big move. Warner Bros. and it’s beleaguered DC live-action universe has struggled with it’s choices of directors, but that took a turn today with the announcement that Ava Duvernay would be directing a big-budget, live-action version of New Gods, a motley crew, made glorious by Jack Kirby in the 70’s.

Kirby’s group of gods included Darkseid, Orion, Mister Miracle, and Big Barda (whom Duvernay had tweeted her fandom of a while back,) among others including Justice League’s big bad, Steppenwolf. Apparently DC is taking a turn towards the cosmos, and, if they stay true to Kirby’s comics, another dimension, because in the comics, New Genesis is in one parallel to the normal DC universe.

Duvernay’s latest, A Wrinkle In Time, has been applauded for what it looks like, even by those who don’t think it’s necessarily that good, so the questionable look of DC films may be aided by her handiwork. Even if you don’t think Wrinkle is great, good directors get second chances all the time, so I think it’s pretty cool to see a woman of color get the same benefit of the doubt as so many of her peers. What do you think? Are you excited to see Ava take the reigns on Kirby’s creations? Let us know!


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