The Clearest Pics Of Zachary Levi As Shazam, Yet (Ooh Boy)

We’ve seen glimpses and a tiny clip in the last couple of days, and now today, we get some full pictures of Zachary Levi in full Shazam regalia. Below, I’ll break down the four pictures that were released today across the internet.

Pic 1, above: I had 2 issues with the casting of Zachary Levi and neither of them have to do with his acting ability. Shazam has always been a massive looking character. He’s a combination of the powers of multiple gods and should always have the look to back it. Levi is tall, but has always been kind of lanky. We already knew putting on weight was probably going to be an issue, and here it shows. That is definitely NOT all Zach Levi filling out that costume. The space between his chest and where the Shazam outift come together is vast, denoting there is plenty of room. My other Levi issue was with the shape of his head. It sounds weird, but Shazam is kind of a thick, block-headed character and Levi is kind of…long of face. It’s not the biggest deal, but in comparison to someone like John Cena, who’s head shape resembles the comic book versions a little closer, it’s disconnecting. On the plus side, there is some scaling on the red and some Superman-like, useless raised lines, which may look better on film.

Pic 2, above: Here we see another example of my issues from Pic 1. The space between body and outfit makes it look like he’s wearing a very padded costume, and again, the long-headedness (editors note: ha ha ha) of Levi makes this look like a deleted dream sequence from Chuck.

Pic 3, above: I want to say something positive here – as a representation of a comic book outfit, this is honestly about as good as it gets. From the neck down, this IS Shazam. The cape is the perfect length. Nothing is overdone. I’m interested in seeing how the yellow in the chest insignia looks on camera with the more worn gold of the rest of the trimming, bracelets, boots, etc. I’m guessing it’s set for post filming CGI work. They just look like starkly different colors, and I’m color-blind. On the unfortunate side, it almost looks like they built a muscle shell, wrapped it in the costume, then fastened Levi inside of it. Like if you opened it up, a tiny little Zach Levi would jump out.

Pic 4, above: Shazams, they’re just like us! Honestly, I’m pretty sure they stopped padding the costume at the forearms. Who has biceps that big with forearms that small? Look, he wears a bright red and gold outfit and has never even wore the old school, alt-colored briefs to break up the red, so this was going to be a little gaudy, no matter what. The Superman movies have muted the blue in that characters unitard, and all I’m saying is that this looks like less of that. Is that a good thing? Does it matter? I don’t know. I like the look of the actual suit, my problem is still with the guy inside of it. Let’s hope everything else works. Tell us what you think!


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