Will New Warriors Get To Come Out And Play-ee-ay?

Everyone who was excited about seeing Squirrel Girl on the small screen may have to hold on just a little. Marvel had been working on launching it’s live-action New Warriors series in 2018. Originally planned to be on Freeform (also the future home of Cloak & Dagger,) an article in The Hollywood Reporter says Freeform couldn’t find a place for the show on it’s 2018 schedule, and now Marvel is left looking for somewhere the show can go.

The odd news here? The show is apparently testing through the roof. It’s been shown to test audiences, who’ve loved it. Even Disney execs are very high on the show. So why wouldn’t a network like Freeform find a place for it? Can you name anything on Freeform right now?

The hold up may come from the fact that Disney won’t let Marvel shop the show anywhere but Disney-owned networks. As you may know, Disney is coming out with it’s own streaming service, but not until 2019. If it was just a movie, that would work, but they’re looking for a 2 season commitment for a TV series. That’s not something you can hold on when you’ve got a pilot already and actors on hold.

If it’s as good as they claim it is, I could think of a spot that might work for it that’s currently occupied by a certain group of Attilans on ABC’s Friday nights. They’ll be long gone by then, anyway. Just don’t put the pilot up in IMAX.


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