Official Inhumans Trailer, Official Trusty Sidekick Sadness

Well, we had really hoped that the special effects in the leaked trailer we posted to Twitter (and still up, btw) were not finished, but unfortunately, it looks like they were. No Medusa hair, barely a whimper from Black Bolt. Lockjaw is cute, though.

If we can tell anything from the trailer, it’s that Bolt will go to war with his own brother, Maximus, while they decide on the best course of action for the Inhumans future, be it continuing life on Attilan, or coming to Earth. The comic series was always a highly emotional told series, so look for characters to have long glaring looks at each other. It also is going to require a special effects bonanza, and so far, we aren’t seeing it.

It can only get better from here. Inhumans premieres this fall on IMAX, and then ABC.


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