The Trusty Sidekick – Episode 41

DC news and recaps run roughshod over everything, but Marvel impresses as well on another episode from Jay Washington and Bobby Hill, on the Laugh Factory Podcast Network! This week:

0:00 – Intro and last week in our world
9:00 – Justice League – pics and info
12:00 – Gotham – New Day Rising recap (s03e04)
19:45 – Supergirl – The Adventrues Of Supergirl recap (s02e01)
27:45 – Flash – Paradox recap (s03e02)
36: 49 – Arrow – The Recruits recap (s05e02)
46:45 – Legends Of Tomorrow – Out Of Time recap (s02e01)
54:15 – Best DC show of the week discussion
59:10 – Agents Of Shield – Uprising recap (s04e03)
1:06:45 – Luke Cage – short recap
1:10:25 – Our upcoming week and outro

Direct download here:


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